This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: An Unconventional Convention

The Republican’s convention lies in their contention.

When it comes to giving speeches, Trump has always toad the line.

Republican convention circusThe President’s big “hit” song: Damagin’ (All the People).

Dejoy’s post office makeover: The pause that represses.

Trump worships gold, enjoys golden showers, and considers himself the golden boy. So someone please tell him that silence is also golden!

Massive egos always assume that the world must revolve around them.

Fox news viewers see propaganda and miss information.

Tough questions rarely have easy answers.

TrumP URGES free speech while “no-ing” oversight and responsibility.

Peace justice a constant struggle.

Gridlock never comes to pass.

First Trump wanted less coronavirus testing, then the CDC caved in, and now the country will be left with a big, bloody Redfield.

Kim Jong-Un has no Seoul.

Why are briefings always so long?

Revere Mother Earth’s beauty, not her “booty”.

It’s bad enough to take a single life, but to kill an entire species is absolutely monstrous!

Whirls gone wild spin out of control.

Everyone’s being struck by all the violence.

Always remember that being a smartass will come in handy someday, if you live long enough!

Only God can end our daze.

Ralph Lombard