Putin Shooting Hoops, Courting WNBA Star

Putin Shooting Hoops, Courting WNBA Star
Steve Schneider lives in Florida. Retired, he sometimes gets a good laugh following a few authoritarian politicians who call the Sunshine State home.
Steve Schneider

Photos showing Putin shooting hoops in his private gym emerge, speculation rises that he’s got the hots for WNBA star. A famous photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin … Read more

March Madness: It’s Crazy Out There

March Madness: It’s Crazy Out There
The New York Times says Emmy-nominated comedian and writer Will Durst “is quite possibly the best political satirist working in the country today.” The Humor Times says "Durst is the Sage of Satire, the Learned Lampooner, the King of Political Satire!" Check his website for upcoming stand-up performance dates. Will's books, including Elect to Laugh! A Hilarious, Common Sense Guide to American Politics are available at Amazon and better bookstores all over this great land of ours. From Ulysses Press.
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The productivity of offices has sunk to 4am levels during the March Madness of the Trump White House. The entire nation is transfixed like a litter of kittens … Read more

Lost Journal: Mother Fills Empty Nest with Larry Bird

Buy your copy of "Lost Journal - the Book" at www.timmollen.com.Each Lost Journal column is a journal entry written in retrospect. In other words, Mollen chooses a different day from his past, and writes about it as though it were today. The date may be last week, Halloween 1980, or the day he was born (May 4, 1969). Some of you may be asking, “But how would he have been able to write a journal entry on the day he was born?” To you he says: “Lighten up. It’s a humor column.” Mollen is a nationally syndicated columnist and actor, and he is available as a speaker on writing and humor.
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Journal entry: December 27, 1989 (age 20) – Empty Nest Something is terribly wrong with my mother. I’m home on Christmas break from SUNY Oswego, and I was … Read more