GOP Gorilla Love

Will Durst

From abhorrent cringing to thoroughly immersed in their new gorilla candidate in about a week. Hearty congratulations to the conservatives for a seamless transition from party-wide disgust to near unanimous endorsement of a gorilla as … Read moreGOP Gorilla Love

Kind of Okay Tuesday

Will Durst

What’s so “super” about Super Tuesday? It’s become painfully obvious that the term “Super Tuesday” was coined for the quantity of elections contested, not the quality of participants involved. Otherwise, we’d be forced to change … Read moreKind of Okay Tuesday

Hawkeyes and Granitoids

Will Durst

What genius chose Iowa and New Hampshire to host the first primaries, anyway? And now the question that’s been dancing on the lips of politically concerned citizens for decades. Who’s the genius that chose Iowa … Read moreHawkeyes and Granitoids

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