This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Trump’s Marionette-Worth

Trump’s marionette-worth is highly valued by Putin.

Trump marionette
Trump marionette.

Republicans keep Russian around with disinformation.

MAGA dissents into calami-TEA.

Democracy isn’t broken, it’s being held hostage.

Hate never made anything great.

Impeachment BS-ness is Comer’s pile.

Trump has converted the GOP into his own personal whine-seller.

The devil’s advocate soon becomes his apprentice.

Tea party politics mean abyss-ness as usual.

Orange Jesus continues to heel the lame-brains.

Make believe reality doesn’t exist.

Trump lawyers motion to go nowhere.

Ron DeSantis: Me sells quackery.

The Alabama Supreme Court has no conception of inception.

Was I really a person before I was a person?

Elon Musk races to create an X-cesspool of hate.

Down with negativity!

Incomes disparity, out goes equality.

Think ahead, but follow your heart.

Love to increase your inner peace.

Ralph Lombard