This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Defend Our Country, AbanDon Trump!

Trump faces the greatest crisis our country has ever seen… every time he looks in the mirror!

Donald Trump: The earthquake that claimed it was everybody else’s fault.

Defend Our CountryDemocrats want to play tag, but Republicans will only play hide and go sneak.

The other side of the aisle believes in guile.

Liars and fakes can never stand scrutiny.

Ironic, isn’t it, that those who never want to compromise with others so often compromise themselves.

In a sense, Trump is innocenceless.

A knit-wit’s yarn soon unravels.

Before the law, thereafter your ass.

It’s an open-and-shut case, so open your eyes and shut your mouth!

Taylor-made testimony fits perfectly.

Mild-mannered George Kent is my superhero.

Lev Parnas: Flip this louse!

Pleas get at the truth.

No bull let’s stop gun violence.

Get a clue in the Epstein case, and finger Prince Andrew.

Your car been polluting.

Global warming: The beginning of an anti-climatic ending.

When all else fails, you don’t have to.

To be free, let go.

Ralph Lombard