This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Oval Office ‘Blown’ Job!

Impeach Trump for a “blown job” in the Oval Office.

Ask me if Trump is unfit to be president and I’ll answer with an unqualified “YES!”

donald trump blown job

When the right-wing is unflappable we go nowhere.

Cowards never see anything, they just close their eyes.

I’ve become convinced that GOP only stands for Greedy Old Poops.

No news is good news, unless it’s fake.

Many are happy to be slaves, so long as their chains are made of gold.

Trump accounts for no ability.

Con men live off the fatheads of the land.

Don’t believe the writhing on the wall.

Republicans: Anti-social is ’em.

No family values separating children from their parents.

Under Trump, ICE is a terrorist organization.

White supremacists see nothing but ignorance and hate.

21st century wildfires are global warming’s smoking gun.

Nature preserves life itself.

You can’t fix things by simply turning down the thermostatistics.

The only question some people ask is why they never get any answers.

You don’t know what you don’t know, you know.

To find a solution, search insight out.

Ralph Lombard