This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: With a Little Help From His ‘Friends’

Trump gets bought with a little help from his “friends.”

Trump claims that the Mueller report totally exonerated him and he’s not wrong, he’s lying!

little help from his friends
With a little help from his friends.

With the facts Putin perspective, Trump is a dupe of Russia.

Americans beware: Putin’s PAC in town.

Russians have gotten almost as good at dividing US with propaganda as Fox news.

For God’s sake, Republicans, your country’s under attack! Wake-up and smell the borscht!

A gruesome twosome: Trump the Chump and Lootin’ Putin.

How would I describe this White House in two words or less? Calm. Radical.

Power is often sustained with blood money.

Be careful! Russian spies keep their ears open overhear.

When it comes to national security, intelligence matters.

Look hear, THINK!

The coronavirus is so contagious financial markets all over the world have come down with it.

Tanks a lot, Wall Street, anD ow Jones, that really hurts!

I sense Pence is dense.

A narrow mind, like a narrow road, cannot accommodate much traffic.

I salute John Lewis: He fought it was important.

The best things in life are free, especially people.

To find happiness in life don’t ask: “What’s in it for me?”, but rather: “What’s in me for it?”

Never doubt forever.

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