This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Trump: A Real “Whoretime” President

The president often exhibits temper rally insanity.

You tell lies to utilize… corruption!

A flawed fraud offends God.

Too many leaders have throne their souls away.

Don’t be fooled. Netanyahu only wants a “peace” of the pie.

The world will never be free so long as it remains a prisoner of the past.

Never let your intellect turn it’s back on your heart.

Trump is a self-made narcissist.

This country suffers from innumerable executive disorders

The tea party believes infamous celebrity.

Impunity: What happens when imps get together.

Lock Bannon up, and throw away the tea.

To get rich quick, invent a laxative for shitheads.

Trump’s face should be added… to Mt. Rushmoron.

People only cease what they want to cease.

Put your money where your mouth is, but don’t swallow!

To defeat COVID-19 be a smart patient, and do what the surgin’ tells you.

Let immigrants be in that number, when the aints come marching in.

Don’t be souled-out to the highest bitter.

Moderation in all things. Except compassion.

Ralph Lombard