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Lee Mays


Comedian, satirist, comedy writer. Founder of The Heathens of Comedy Tour.

Aug 062017
 By , August 6, 2017

Bestselling Donald Trump erotica series comes to a screeching halt over confusing grammar rules

HUNTINGTON, WV — Herbert “Herbdawg” Adkins’ bestselling Donald Trump erotica series of books came to a screeching halt today, when he got confused over the word usage of “their, they’re and there.”

Herbert Adkins, Donald Trump eroticaThis comes at a troubling time when West Virginia native “Herbdawg” Adkins is writing is most challenging piece of literature yet, the Donald Trump erotica themed coal mining book “Mine Inside Me.”

“There, their and they’re are like the same words, but spelled diff’rent,” Adkins said. “I got a deadline to make, and if I can’t fig’re ‘dis out, them editors will have my hide.”

“Herbdawg” tells the Humor Times that Mine Inside Me is about an unemployed coal miner’s love for President Donald Trump, and how Trump’s promises of bringing coal jobs back to the state of West Virginia brought the two close together over a series of emails.

However, “Herbdawg” hit a snag during the writing of a pivotal scene in his book. “I got to the scene where Trump ‘n the miner meet, Trump still has a coal mining helmet on from one of his rallies, ‘n the miner is just wearing coal dust ‘n a smile, and Trump is all like, ‘That’s a beautiful smile you got they’re. Just beautiful. The most beautiful smile in America.’ I looked at the word ‘they’re’ and it sounded right but looked wrong, ya know?” Adkins said.

“Herbdawg” will meet with his team of editors over some Little Debbie cakes and heroin over the next several weeks to discuss the future of his latest book. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy his works of Donald Trump erotica with his past titles including “Sugar, Spicer and Everything Nicer,” “She Likes It the Con-Way,” “Repeal, Replace, Romance,” and the bestselling “Putin Your Hand on My Heart.”

Jul 292017
 By , July 29, 2017
It's Love: Life-Long Romance Started with Dick Pic

Prudence Smith had never before seen a ‘dick pic,’ thought it was something else entirely. Prudence Smith was a widow when a friend suggested she try dating website Plenty Of Fish, but Smith had her doubts. “No one could ever replace my Henry,” Smith told [more…]

Jul 272017
 By , July 27, 2017
Heroic Pole Steps in Front of Drunk Driver

Drunk driver prevented from injuring others by lone, brave telephone pole Poles usually hold up things Americans use to download porn, like electricity or cable lines, but this wasn’t the case today in Huntington, WV, when a valiant young pole stepped in front of a [more…]

Nov 302015
 By , November 30, 2015
Caitlyn Jenner's Erection Getting in Way of Happiness

Doc says it’s normal, but Caitlyn Jenner not amused Every morning, Caitlyn Jenner wakes up from dreams of starring in a Lifetime original movie, only to find that her penis is erect. “I’m a 66-year-old woman, this shouldn’t be happening,” Jenner said as she sipped [more…]

Jun 112015
 By , June 11, 2015
Blogger Lindy West Giggles at Joke about Black People

Lindy West no stranger to controversy Blogger Lindy West is no stranger to controversy. Her blogs about hot button issues in comedy and debates with such comedians like Jim Norton have garnered her both praise and criticism. Even though many think Ms. West has no [more…]

Jun 042015
 By , June 4, 2015
Kim Kardashian Hires Tutor to Help Keep Track of Brood Total

The education of Kim Kardashian continues Reality TV star Kim Kardashian recently announced that she was expecting another child. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians personality was rumored to have had difficulty in conceiving the child, but when news broke that the celebrity power couple [more…]

Jun 022015
 By , June 2, 2015
Lifelong Pro Wrestling Fan Supports Caitlyn Jenner

“As far as I’m concerned, Caitlyn Jenner is no different than Hulk Hogan.” – Brian “Bub” Sisler Bruce Jenner recently unveiled himself on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine as a transgendered woman named Caitlyn Jenner. The reaction to Jenner’s magazine cover was nothing short [more…]

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