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Jan 172017
 By , January 17, 2017
Brietbart Updates Company Health Care for Men

Brietbart rolls out circumcision reversal plan: “Making Employees Complete Dicks Again.” Brietbart News, better known for their alt-right white supremacist views than their concerns for peoples rights, announced a new addition to the limited health options available for their employees. Going against a long history [more…]

Jan 162017
 By , January 16, 2017
Trump Inauguration to Be a Real Circus, Say Aides

Trump tweets his inauguration will be the ‘Greatest Show on Earth, believe me!’ As more and more entertainers have found excuses to refuse or to back out of invitations to the Trump inauguration, desperate staffers have been in a frantic search for replacements. Finally, a [more…]

Jan 162017
 By , January 16, 2017
Trump Border Wall Plans Bring Surprise Economic Boom

Big changes in smuggling are predicted with the coming border wall Trump’s promise of building a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has been a boon to some U.S. industries. Huge orders have been pouring in for steel rails and the once nearly defunct rail [more…]

Jan 162017
 By , January 16, 2017
Putin to Attend Trump Inaugural, Accompanied by Two Million Troops, the Russian Air Force and 17 Squadrons of Tanks and Armored Carriers

Trump and GOP ‘Welcome Putin and Russia’s enthusiastic support, when so many unpatriotic Americans will not stand with our President!’  NYC – The Trump Inauguration Committee “proudly” announced today that the vast number of empty seats at their candidate’s swearing-in ceremony will be “graciously filled” [more…]

Jan 092017
 By , January 9, 2017
DNC Offers Suggestions for Making Next Four Years Sail By

Democrats try to mollify despondent voters Responding to an onslaught of “despair mail” from disheartened Democrats longing to fast-forward to November 2020, the Democratic National Committee today released suggestions for how to hasten the passage of the next four years. The DNC’s suggestions, posted to [more…]

Jan 052017
 By , January 5, 2017
Trump to Rename America

‘Rebranding will help make America great again, again’ says minority president-elect Soon-to-be-President-for-life Donald J. Trump announced today that his first official act as President would be to rename the United States of America. “We’re going to make America great, again. Almost half the American people [more…]