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Feb 242017
 By , February 24, 2017
Trump to Extend Federal Protection to At-Risk Bully Students

Administration counters criticism by helping certain “at-risk” youth To try and stem all the criticism of the Trump administration for removing federal protection for transgender students, Sean Spicer announced to the press that “President Trump is issuing federal protection for an ignored group of at-risk [more…]

Feb 212017
 By , February 21, 2017
New Marketing Study Finds Keys to Success and Failure

Some products “Just miss the mark”: Marketing study New findings from a large marketing study have just been released by the UCLA School of Business and Management. They relate that in a highly competitive free enterprise economy, it was important to determine which products with [more…]

Feb 192017
 By , February 19, 2017
Thousands of U.S. Citizens Swamp ICE, Demand Deportation

‘Gotta get out before Trump throws us all in detention camps,’ say frightened liberals demanding deportation NYC – More than 30,000 “frightened and terrified” liberal U.S. citizens have swamped the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, demanding to be swiftly deported back to their parents’ and [more…]

Feb 162017
 By , February 16, 2017
Trump Rails Against 'Fake President'

Alec Baldwin and SNL come under fire Trump has begun to realize that his overuse of the term “fake news” whenever anything critical of him is written in the press is getting old and losing its credibility, even with his supporters. He has decided to [more…]

Feb 162017
 By , February 16, 2017
President* Trump Grants Interview to Humor Times

The so-called president tells editor, “I’m glad you report ‘faux news,’ not ‘fake news!’” Reporter: “Is it true you’re going to reinstate waterboarding?” Trump: “Yes, I think it’s the only way we can bring the truth to the American people. We will be waterboarding members [more…]

Feb 142017
 By , February 14, 2017
Disney Productions to Release Animated White House Drama

Classic Disney characters to assume key White House roles For the first time in the history of Disney Productions, the company is developing a new animated feature using familiar Disney characters for political satire. Always in the market for good drama, Disney executives were, of [more…]

Feb 132017
 By , February 13, 2017
Putin Trolls Trump's Valentine Tweets

Putin discovers Twitter and trolls Trump, lovingly. The tweets in text format:   Trump: Roses are [email protected] correctly-rated. Putin:[email protected] are red. I am too. Democrats are blue because of Kremlin.   Trump:[email protected] have the best heart! So healthy. It beats totally normally when I’m around you. Putin:[email protected] could [more…]

Feb 112017
Trump Announces Surprise Global Warming Plan: Counter with Nuclear Winter

Trump has announced a revolutionary plan to deal with global warming, “if such a thing does exist.” By David Malcolm Rose President Trump, speaking through his spokesperson Sean Spicer, has announced a revolutionary plan to deal with global warming, “if such a thing does exist.” [more…]

Feb 112017
 By , February 11, 2017
Andy Borowitz Arrested in Satire Raid

‘Fake news is one thing,’ Trump tweeted, ‘but telling the truth disguised as humor, like this so-called satirist Borowitz guy, is just treason. Bad!’ NYC — Popular New Yorker humorist Andy Borowitz was arrested at his home last night by federal police acting on the [more…]