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May 172016
 By , May 17, 2016
Paul Ryan Denies Trump-Hitler Connection

Ryan notes that “The Donalini” has promised to be on his best behavior from now until the election. The Dredge Report has learned that some knowledgeable Republicans in Congress have started calling Paul Ryan “Paul von Ryan-Hindenburg.” This is seen by many as a startling [more…]

May 152016
 By , May 15, 2016
Trump Makes His Pick: Silvio Berlusconi for Vice-President

‘He’s the King of Vice, after all,’ says Trump Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, shocked the party establishment and ended months of speculation by picking his running mate: Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. Trump skirted immediate criticism of Berlusconi’s as a non-citizen by saying, [more…]

Apr 292016
 By , April 29, 2016
Lucifer, in the Flesh, Welcomes Comparison to Cruz

Satanic Council defiantly embraces Ted Cruz: ‘The miserable son of a bitch is a natural for us!’ says Lucifer. HADES – The Satanic Council today “totally rejected” claims by the “Satanist religious cult” that Lucifer or indeed any of its members were offended by John [more…]

Apr 272016
 By , April 27, 2016
Trump Wins Big with Americans Regretting Not Growing Up in 1930s Germany

Donald Trump pledges to blame socialists and Democrats when the Capitol Building is burned down shortly after he becomes president. WASHINGTON — Today, Republican presidential candidate and fascism-friendly billionaire Donald Trump dominated primary elections in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. In all five [more…]