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Jun 142017
 By , June 14, 2017
Putin to Move into White House Next Week

White House staff: ‘Finally, someone to restore order around here!’ Fed up with President Trump’s continued bumbling incompetence, White House staff have invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to move in and “show Donald how it’s done,” starting early next week. Donald Trump reportedly loves the [more…]

Jun 092017
 By , June 9, 2017
EPA Designates White House a Toxic Waste Site

The EPA’s Superfund program is to be used to remove the most toxic elements, like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, from the White House as soon as possible. The EPA today reported that they have started the process of declaring the White House a toxic [more…]

Jun 072017
 By , June 7, 2017
Eric Trump Claims Daddy Robbed His Piggy Bank

Eric Trump opens up about life in the Donald Trump household In a candid sit down with a New York radio host last week, Eric Trump opened up about what life was like growing up in the Donald Trump household. “I have to tell you, [more…]

Jun 032017
 By , June 3, 2017
Devil Recruits Trump for President of Satanic Council

“He’s our best chance in millennia to make the world a living hell. And a lot hotter too!” – Mephistopheles, in interview at Devil’s Kingdom studios. HADES – The current head of the Satanic Council said today that he was willing to step aside so [more…]

Jun 022017
 By , June 2, 2017
White House Adds 'Dignity and Morality Waivers' to Ethics Waivers

Move will ‘supplement recent ethics waivers,’ providing relief for an ‘administration beleaguered by fake moral concerns,’ said Spicer. In a move George Orwell called “Me-ian” from the grave today via GoogleSeanceTM technology, the White House announced they would be adding “Dignity and Morality Waivers” to [more…]