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Jul 262014
 By , July 26, 2014
Almost Famous, Completely Shameless

Some may call him a bum, but almost famous Alistair Cooper says he’s a respectable bum. At many festivals today, for a large sum of cash, you can avoid the portable toilets overflowing with crap and the STD infested tents. Instead, if you happen to [more...]

Jul 252014
 By , July 25, 2014
Lysol Introduces a Rubber That Really Erases

She’ll love that you cleaned up your act with Lysol condoms! Lysol, famed for producing powerful toilet bowl cleaner, has just released a game-changing condom that they claim kills almost all sexually transmitted infections, including herpes, HIV and HPV. Before modern contraceptive methods, Lysol was [more...]

Jul 242014
 By , July 24, 2014
Controversial: D-Day for Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis gets a little too far into his roles Like calling John Waters slightly camp, referring to Daniel Day-Lewis as a “method actor” is an understatement of epic proportions. The Irishman won his third Best Actor Oscar for Lincoln, and is now about to undertake [more...]

Jul 212014
 By , July 21, 2014
Forget Facebook, Think Faithbook

Faithbook: The blessed social network Undoubtedly, Facebook has been the top tool for social networking up to now, but a new and arguably more innovative social networking alternative has emerged courtesy of the Vatican. If you’re looking for a faith-based alternative, why not try Faithbook? The brainchild [more...]

Jul 202014
 By , July 20, 2014
Laughing Grass Reduces Seattle to Tears

Puff, puff, pass… that Seattle pot store. Why? They are out of stock. On Friday afternoon, Seattle’s only recreational marijuana store, Nirvana 2.0, shut its doors after running out of stock. The premature closing came just days after Washington became the second US state to [more...]

Jul 182014
 By , July 18, 2014
Game of Groans: George RR Martin Health in Question

George RR Martin pontificates on his unique style of writing Obsessive Game of Thrones fans are truly worried about their beloved author, George RR Martin. Why? Well, he doesn’t look so great. He’s obese, he’s 65, and he wears Crocs, but what they really want [more...]

Jul 172014
 By , July 17, 2014
"El Disastro": The True Story of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro “could make Lance Armstrong look honest” As Russian President Vladimir Putin was touching down in Cuba to inspect the strip clubs and pick up some cigars, Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, Fidel Castro’s former bodyguard, was launching his book detailing the Cuban dictator’s lavish lifestyle. El [more...]

Jul 162014
 By , July 16, 2014
Pope v. Pope: The Hats Are Off

Divine intervention may be needed to help Popes heal rift caused by World Cup rivalry Argentina and Germany both have a pontiff present in the Vatican, a fact that has caused palpable tensions between Francis and Benedict after the recent World Cup final. As the [more...]

Jul 162014
 By , July 16, 2014
Critics Say Injured Bull Runner's Book Full of Bull

Life’s a bitch for gored bull runner Bill Hillmann, American bull runner and author of Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona, was badly gored during Spain’s annual Pamplona bull running festival. The Chicago born expert was gored in the groin region early Friday morning, the [more...]