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Apr 102015
 By , April 10, 2015
A Profile of the Burning Bush

Jeb Bush has 99 problems … and the tea party is just one. Phil McCrevice, an influential, condescending voice of the American political movement, told CNN that the Republican presidential candidate is only ever mentioned in his circle when “a cheap laugh is required.” “If [more…]

Apr 062015
 By , April 6, 2015
Scandal Street: Bill Cosby Sings with the Muppets

Bill Cosby discusses the word ‘surprise’ and sings with the Muppets on Sesame Street With Donald Trump making fresh sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby last week, an appearance on Sesame Street was never on the cards — or was it? Yes, it was. A [more…]

Apr 052015
 By , April 5, 2015
Pizza Store Owners Rush to Cash In on Gay Discrimination

“Send us your cash donations!” say hundreds of pizzeria operators, eager to profit from the generosity of gay-haters everywhere. WALKERTON, IN — Pizza stores in the U.S. are hastening to join the anti-gay movement after Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, received nearly a million dollars [more…]

Apr 042015
 By , April 4, 2015
ISIS: Gaining Momentum, Brick by Brick

Legos help ISIS spread fear When it comes to the promotion of violence, Lego doesn’t usually get a lot of attention. But according to a recent study led by Dr. Hugo Strangelove of New Zealand’s University of Canterbury Human Interface Technology Laboratory, Lego sets have [more…]

Apr 022015
 By , April 2, 2015
Rory McIlroy: The First Psychic Golfer

A recently uncovered letter by Rory McIlroy to Tiger Woods discredits the myth that golfers never talk smack. In the words of Confucius, he who drives well in “fairway” does not always “fare” well in driveway. Little did the Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher [more…]

Apr 012015
 By , April 1, 2015
ISIS and Boku Haram to Sue USA for Violating Religious Freedom

Move follows Indiana and Arkansas ‘Right to Discriminate’ anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ legislation. MOSUL, IRAQ – Knife-wielding ISIS spokesman Jihadi John announced today that his organization and Nigeria’s Boku Haram had filed a complaint against the USA in the International Court at The Hague, under the [more…]

Apr 012015
 By , April 1, 2015
Keeping Up with the Kar-trash-ians

Yet another strange episode involving the Kardashians – which is normal On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kar-trash-ians, Kanye West viciously assaulted wife Kim’s personal trainer. After Charlie ‘calorie counter’ Monroe said he “would eat his own head” if Ms. Kardashian managed to meet her [more…]

Mar 302015
 By , March 30, 2015
Piers Morgan: Top Gear's Newest Host

BBC’s Top Gear finds its new host, Piers Morgan Since Jeremy Clarkson’s dismissal, rather farcically, the BBC ‘rumor mill’ has been doing overtime. With Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and Noam Chomsky all previously linked with the vacant role, the fact that Piers Morgan has just [more…]