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Aug 262016
 By , August 26, 2016
Bill Maher Says He'll Give Up Pot If Trump Wins

‘It’s just too sobering a thought,’ says political comic Bill Maher, lighting up, for now. NEW YORK – Real Time host Bill Maher, an outspoken advocate of pot legalization, said last night that if Donald Trump is elected president he will give up smoking what [more…]

Aug 262016
 By , August 26, 2016
Trump Campaign Brings Panic, Prosperity

Uncertain citizens’ panic translates to prosperity for those who take advantage Trump’s candidacy and the resultant panic it has inspired has sparked an unexpected and remarkable surge in some businesses not only in the United States, but also in its neighbors. Realtors in Canada and [more…]

Aug 242016
 By , August 24, 2016
Donald & Melania: The Taming of the Shrew

Melania Trump insists on the right to continue to flaunt her biggest assets. In a new development, it appears that Donald Trump’s biggest protesters are no longer on the campaign trail, but in his own home. He and wife Melania got into such a screaming [more…]

Aug 182016
 By , August 18, 2016
New "Checkers" Exhibit at the Nixon Presidential Library

A revamping of the Nixon Library will include a “refurbished” Checkers the dog. The Los Angeles Times reported today that there will be a revamping of the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), which administers thirteen presidential [more…]

Aug 042016
 By , August 4, 2016
Trump: 'Jesus Was a Loser, He Got Caught'

‘I like saviors who weren’t captured,’ said Donald Trump at campaign stop, to big cheers. As “The Donald” continues to barnstorm around the country on his self-proclaimed “Greatest Tour on Earth,” he keeps blurting out things that are only hurting his campaign for president. Today, [more…]

Aug 032016
 By , August 3, 2016
Health Issues Knock Trump from Race

Trump says he ‘deserves a Purple Heart’ for the pain he’s enduring. TRUMP TOWER, MANHATTAN – In a hastily-arranged press conference that has shaken up the presidential race once again, Republican standard-bearer Donald Trump announced that he is withdrawing his candidacy for President of the [more…]

Jul 292016
 By , July 29, 2016
Rival Christian Groups Use Prayer to Influence Election

Prayer is the new weapon in the race for the presidency A new group of Hillary Clinton supporters has been formed called “Christians for Hillary.” They have initiated a special campaign strategy to help Hillary win the election. They plan on purchasing television and radio [more…]

Jul 272016
 By , July 27, 2016
No Ghostbusters in the Race for President

Spirits have appeared by the hundreds, attempting to influence the democratic process of electing the next president. At first, everyone thought is was just an advertising gimmick for the new Ghostbusters movie, as rumors spread of ghosts appearing across the country. But, scientists have now [more…]

Jul 222016
 By , July 22, 2016
Near Miss at RNC: Tennis Ball Server Plot Averted

Camouflaged pink robot and redneck assault rifle army saves day against tennis ball plot. Inside, Donald Trump screamed at America, trying his best to scare everyone into voting for a guy who has no experience in government, but makes big money in his specialty, building [more…]