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Jun 292016
 By , June 29, 2016
Fox News Wants Clinton-Trump Debate in Benghazi

Benghazi is perfect place for fair and balanced presidential debate, according to Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. WASHINGTON — Today, Fox News announced it wanted to host a presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton in Benghazi, Libya. The spurious news network [more…]

Jun 262016
 By , June 26, 2016
Trump to Sell Presidency, Cabinet Offices, After Election

‘That’s how a businessman runs a country – he makes a buck or three,’ asserted GOP nominee Donald Trump. ‘Besides, I’ve invested hundreds of my own dollars, and need to recoup them.’ NYC – Donald Trump announced today that immediately after taking office in January [more…]

Jun 242016
 By , June 24, 2016
Revealed: Trump Plans for Coronation as King

Tiffany commissioned to create matching crowns for Donald and Melania Trump Donald Trump is making plans to be crowned king. This, according to an unnamed source at Tiffany & Company in New York, who leaked confidential information to our investigative reporter. It appears that Melania [more…]

Jun 242016
 By , June 24, 2016
Sarah Palin Hired as Trump Campaign Manager

The former half-term governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, said she was “just so darn happy-proud.” WASHINGTON — Today, Sarah Palin was hired to be Donald Trump’s presidential campaign manager. Trump hired the 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate and former half-term Governor of Alaska after firing Corey [more…]

Jun 122016
 By , June 12, 2016
Melania Trump Filing for Divorce from The Donald

‘I never realized what a complete a**hole he is until the presidential campaign,’ Melania Trump said. ‘Plus, yes, he has extremely small hands and totally fake hair.’  NYC — Melania Trump announced today that she is filing for divorce from her husband Donald Trump, the [more…]