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Oct 082016
 By , October 8, 2016
Trumpettes Come to Trump's Defense

Trump ladies club is recruiting new members, giving tips for joining “Our Donald is just misunderstood. Remember how high Dr. Oz said his testosterone level was — he’s just a healthy all-American male,” insisted the Trumpette hostess, her craggy face creating even more furrows across [more…]

Oct 072016
Shocking Poll Results: 'What's in the Presidential Candidates' Closets?'

New poll reveals a lot about what American voters think of their presidential candidates. By Tim Torkildson The PEW Research center has just released results from their poll asking the American people “What do you think is in each of the major presidential candidates’ closets?” [more…]

Oct 072016
 By , October 7, 2016
Breaking: Trump Debate Prep Backfires

A debate simulation session goes horribly wrong at Trump campaign headquarters. Our investigative reporter has uncovered a tactic for the upcoming debate that has literally backfired. An unidentified source within the Trump team has disclosed that in an attempt to keep Donald Trump from failing [more…]