This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Loaded with Hollow Points

GOP gun control solutions are loaded with hollow points.

The NRA is a house of worship, where the right-wing mass occurs.

hollow points
GOP: loaded with hollow points.

Children lie dead on the grounds of the Second Amendment.

Too many guns trigger violence.

Not surprisingly, NRA “experts” recommend fighting gunfire with gunfire.

Once again, Republicans spring into inaction.

Conservatives don’t want to control guns because they want to control people with guns.

Where there’s smokescreens there’s liars.

Don’t let negative people lead you around by the no’s.

Shallow waters feel most important when making a big splash.

Q-anon conspiracy “fearies” scare me.

Racists are always furious versus “them.”

We need hate-free speech, not free hate speech.

You can’t spell Elon Musk without LONE SKUM.

Money always reigns over fools.

Beware an economy that only makes change for one-percenters.

Nothing will bother you in the middle of nowhere.

Keep yourself centered, but not self-centered.

To address voter irregularities, I recommend a high-fiber diet.

Long live old age!

Ralph Lombard