This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Aquitters Never Win

Aquitters who refuse to do their job should be fired!

As the entire country watches, Republicans allow no witnesses.

Aquitters never win, unless they do.

Am I nuts, or have we become a democrazy?

Silence answers to no one.

I believe everything Trump says… is a lie!

You can’t handle the Goof!

Too few leaders, too many misleaders.

When they can’t change the facts, they desperately try to change the subject.

Accuse, excuse, confuse: Fox news.

Fools are easily fooled.

Belief should never stand in the way of facts.

The state of the union is… divided and broken!

Too many immigrants are dying to cross the border.

ICE freeze racist policies.

The effects of global warming are chilling.

Only environmental quacks prefer fowl water.

The proper entrée for Groundhog Day meals: Pork Sausage.

Old habits die hard. Prehistoric cavemen also went out “clubbing” for dates.

To achieve the impossible, define the unknown.

My innermost feelings are hungry.

Ralph Lombard
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