Top 10 Things I, Donald Trump, Left for Biden: 1/20/21

top ten things

The world was waiting for this day… and now, for some wishful thinking!

Somewhere in Time: Washington, D.C.

Well, all the worry over Trump not leaving the White House is now put to rest, no Chads got pregnant & Joe Biden stood with his hand on his Bible while millions watched America turn a sticky page.

Top 10 Things Trump Left for Biden

As Biden walked into the Oval Office he sniffed, “I love the smell of Burger King in the morning!” But most of all, he noticed welcoming gifts in the living quarters from the last occupant:


10.  If you lift the toilet seat, a voice says, “WHOA – stand back!”

(gift from the many gals at Moonlite Bunny Ranch)

  9.  On my bathroom wall:

“For a Good Time – Ghislaine 1-800-JeffEp

  8.  Dr. Stella Immanuel‘s new Cookbook:

“101 Things To Make With Turpentine”!

Top 10 Things Trump Left for Biden

  7.  My 8 Ball & Ouija Board used in all my Decisions!

6.  My ‘Jenga’ Game moves for every Distraction I pulled on you guys!

  5.  Scrabble?  I say “Da Vinci Code”!  It’s yours!

4.  Putin’s final note saying, “Thank you for your Service”!

3.  The results of my signed & notarized Cognitive Test from 5 doctors (yes, in Lab Coats) with a gold ‘Good Boy Star’ on top!

top ten things

  2.  The Original copy of Jared Kushner’s SECRET COVID TESTING PLAN with a Fudgsicle stain!

  And, the #1 thing I, Donald J. Trump wanted to leave Joe Biden…

Jim Jordon’s Balls!

(sorry, pic not available)

Marilyn Sands