This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Presidential Schmuck-Down

There’s no debate, it’s a presidential schmuck-down!

It’s a crime Trump’s deface of America.presidential schmuck-down

If only the president was as interested in suppressing the coronavirus as he is in suppressing the vote!

Trump constitutes shun for the Constitution.

Don’t go buy what Russian spies are celling.

Trump wants to heel the country. Like a dog on a leash.

Turn your returns over, so we can see what lies beneath.

Make America Investigate Again!

Hopefully Trump faces an unbecoming future.

Just say “no” to thugs.

Fox news claims to defame.

Propaganda‘s a stereo-typist.

Red herrings can only be washed away with a Blue Wave.

Extreme mists are all wet.

Acquire your heavenly music in church.

Limousine drivers have miles and miles to chauffer it.

What do men want from women? Go figure.

Evolution seems fishy to me.

If you don’t believe in free speech, shut the hell up!

I’m just sane, the world is crazy.

Ralph Lombard