This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Down a Rabid Hole

Yet again, Republicans follow Trump down a rabid hole.

Down a Rabid Hole
Republicans follow Trump down a rabid hole.

The tea party herd what Trump demanded.

After pushing his supporters over the edge, Trump now throws them under the bus.

Democrats want a conviction, but Republicans will only give a con victory.

With lies and deception is just how Trump bankrolls.

Beware the stale old fart who promises you a fresh new breeze.

Trump supporters: A real cluster flock.

What do you get when you cross Republicans with a dunce? Republicunce.

It takes lots of empty words to filibuster.

Yesterday borrows from tomorrow today.

I’ve worked very hard for what I don’t have.

Policies that trigger mass shootings: Begun by the NRA.

Our laws make it too easy to get the guns that make it too easy to kill.

Parkland survivors have paid too high a price, so give them the change they’re due.

Vaccines: Virus versus them.

Global warming is real weather you like it or not.

Don’t leave our planet in habitat-ters.

Why did Columbus cross the ocean? To get to the other tide!

ESP: Out of nowhere intuition.

Dream in a world be yawned.

Ralph Lombard