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Feb 062014
 By , February 6, 2014
Obama Gives Up Fight With NRA, Sort Of

Before the speech, Fox calls Obama a ‘waffler,’ for giving them and the NRA what they asked for. Many believed it would be a dramatic and historic meeting between President Obama and NRA leader Wayne LaPierre when they met at a press conference in New [more…]

Oct 032013
 By , October 3, 2013
Obama Shows the NRA's LaPierre His Bad Self

LaPierre takes a call from the prez It was a phone call that President Obama didn’t want to make, but he knew he would eventually have to. He also knew that it would do little good, but that it had to be made anyway. So, [more…]

Mar 212013
 By , March 21, 2013
NRA Holds America Hostage

Two narrowed eyes peeked out of the slats over the window that were already narrow enough by themselves. They gazed imperturbably at the scores of police and FBI agents that surrounded the NRA ranch estate in North Carolina. Those eyes belong to Wayne LaPierre, the [more…]

Mar 042013
 By , March 4, 2013
National Rat Association Hopes to Disassociate Itself from NRA

NRA says reputation harmed by “vermin” at the National Rifle Association The National Rat Association, an organization created and run by the rat population of the United States of America, is doing a big publicity campaign to disassociate itself from the notorious National Rifle Association, [more…]

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