This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Scum Together

Republicans scum together over Trump.

Republicans scum together over Trump
Republicans scum together over Trump.

Republican conspiracies hatch in surrection nests.

The GOP serves a complicit tea.

Fascists want the right to control all of US.

Liars live in false hoods.

Spineless Republicans can’t stand up for America because they’ve gone jellyfishing.

The craven cave in.

Small-minded people never get the big picture.

Anarchy is out of control.

Q-anon believers are crazy about Trump.

Know reality or no reality.

Justice lies in the The Supreme Court.

Out-of-control runaway corporate gravy trains railroad corrupitition.

A tax on the greedy defends the needy.

What God creates global warming cremates.

Will 21st century wildfires ignite Mother Earth’s funeral pyre?

Open your eyes and seize the day.

Psychiatry makes me feel so Jung.

Think first, question answers later.

In heaven, the sky’s the limit!

Ralph Lombard