This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: MAGA Minions on the Psycho-Path to Hell

MAGA minions follow the psycho-path to hell.

Dictator wannabe Trump is the top Banana Republican.

MAGA minions follow the psycho-path to hell
MAGA minions follow the psycho-path to hell.

The tea party believes in non-sensibility.

Since Trump can’t control himself, he tries to control everyone else.

Big lies overwhelm small minds.

Trump’s masterful defense: I know you are but what am I?

I spy an incriminating Pratt-fall.

What do you do with a con who claims to be the victim? Convict ‘im!

Truth Social: Come post your garbage here.

Ideologues stoke justifiers.

Money is corruption’s main ingreediant.

Global warming is getting serious! Why aren’t we??

GOP debates: The crackpot jackpot.

Republicans are suppression devotees.

I wish Elon Musk would just X it.

Free time keeps getting more and more expensive.

Unions strike fear into the heartless.

What’s really important in life is figuring out what isn’t.

To be ahead of your time, be for tomorrow today.

Never worry too far into the future.

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