Throwing the Book at Trump, or What You’ll Find in his Presidential Library!

Throwing the Book at Trump, or What You’ll Find in his Presidential Library!
Marilyn Sands is a former 80's Stand-Up Comic & Comic Booker. Sold Jokes to Joan Rivers & lesser lights. Was up one night & wrote 2 Madcap Screenplays & a Stage Play. Her hilarious book "CAN YOU PEE OUTDOORS" On-Line Dating Straight Lines is on, "OWNING THE STAGE, RENTING THE BALLS"!My Life as a Funny Girlis on"Living proofyou don't have to be a success to write a Memoir"!And yes, this bio is my OBIT too!haha
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Throwing the book at Trump: His own mini-reviews of books that may fill the shelf in Donald’s Presidential Library! While Merrick Garland is throwing the book at Trump, … Read more

Supplying the Trumpbrary

Supplying the Trumpbrary
Emeritus Professor of English at SUNY-Buffalo
Howard R. Wolf is Emeritus Professor of English and Senior Fellow at SUNY-Buffalo and the author of three memoirs, a novel (Broadway Serenade), personal essays, and many short stories.A Fulbright Scholar in Turkey and South Africa,he is now putting together a collection ofstories, EXILES BY STARLIGHT, and a play, HOME AT THE END OF THEDAY. Mr. Wolf is a graduate of Horace Mann School, Amherst College(BA), Columbia (MA), and The University of Michigan (PH.D) where he won a Hopwood for fiction. Howard lives in Amherst, New York where he writes and cultivates a small garden.
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Proposed deposits for the new “Trumpbrary” include a wealth of iconic artifacts evoking the dedicatee and his administration. By Roger Porter and Howard Wolf As Head Librarian of … Read more