Trump’s Valentine Tweets

Trump’s Valentine Tweets
Dave's political satire and short humor have appeared in most major North American newspapers. He is also the author of several humor collections including "Dare to be Average", "Screams & Whispers" and "King Donald I" available on Amazon.
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On Valentine’s Day, most folks exchange cards. However, we expect President Trump to send out Valentine tweets instead, like these: Donald Trump to the Electoral College The Midwest … Read more

Putin Trolls Trump’s Valentine Tweets

Putin Trolls Trump’s Valentine Tweets
Caoilinn Hughes' first novel, ORCHID & THE WASP, is forthcoming from Hogarth in the spring of 2018. She has published comedy in The Rumpus, poetry in POETRY and in book form & fiction in Tin House. Currently Visiting Writer at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, she is represented by Bill Clegg.
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Putin discovers Twitter and trolls Trump, lovingly. The tweets in text format:   Trump: Roses are overrated. @MelaniaTrump is correctly-rated. Putin: @realDonaldTrump Roses are red. I am too. Democrats are blue because of Kremlin.   … Read more

Lost Journal: Care Enough to Send the Very Worst Valentines

Buy your copy of "Lost Journal - the Book" at Lost Journal column is a journal entry written in retrospect. In other words, Mollen chooses a different day from his past, and writes about it as though it were today. The date may be last week, Halloween 1980, or the day he was born (May 4, 1969). Some of you may be asking, “But how would he have been able to write a journal entry on the day he was born?” To you he says: “Lighten up. It’s a humor column.” Mollen is a nationally syndicated columnist and actor, and he is available as a speaker on writing and humor.
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Journal entry: February 13, 2011 (age 41) – Valentines The following is a draft of a letter I’m sending to the human resources department at Hallmark: Dear, Dear … Read more