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Jul 202014
 By , July 20, 2014
Laughing Grass Reduces Seattle to Tears

Puff, puff, pass… that Seattle pot store. Why? They are out of stock. On Friday afternoon, Seattle’s only recreational marijuana store, Nirvana 2.0, shut its doors after running out of stock. The premature closing came just days after Washington became the second US state to [more…]

Sep 252011
 By , September 25, 2011

By Tim Mollen Journal entry:  January 16, 2007 (age 37) I am a huge music fan, but I have been fairly out of touch with the songs on Billboard’s Top 10 list since grunge and hip-hop pushed rock and pop to the side.  Even when [more…]

Sep 192011
 By , September 19, 2011
Lost Journal: Delayed-Onset Puppy Love

Journal entry: May 4, 1988 (age 19) – Puppy Love “Wait a minute – you mean you like me, too?” This wasn’t the way it worked.  From the first time I fell in love – at age 10 – the pattern has never changed.  I [more…]

Sep 022011
 By , September 2, 2011

By Tim Mollen Journal entry:  July 23, 1977 (age 8 If my 18-year-old brother, John, had a hero when he was younger, it was probably motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel.  (I guess it’d be less lucrative to dub oneself a dareangel with the name Good Kagood.)  [more…]

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