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Jun 272017
 By , June 27, 2017
Politically Correct Motion Picture Ratings

MPAA film rating system updated for an era of polarization and the politically correct. G – General Audiences. All politics accepted. Nothing too offensive to conservatives or liberals. Lassie may come home. Miracles may occur on 34th Street. Language no saltier than “damn,” “coccyx” and [more…]

May 142017
 By , May 14, 2017
Books Not Currently on the President's Nightstand

Here are some books we can be pretty sure are not being read by President Trump: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama The Everything Guide to Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Professional, reassuring advice for coping with the disorder – at work, at home, and in [more…]

Dec 282016
 By , December 28, 2016

Last minute shopper? There’s still time to buy your loved ones a new Trump-era technogadget for the holiday season. Here are our top-rated holiday season gift ideas: FITBIT CHARGE DT. Easily check your vital signs as they react to the latest moves by our President-in-waiting. [more…]

Dec 202016
 By , December 20, 2016
A Modern Jewish-American Confession

During the Jewish New Year, congregants recite the “Vidui” – updated and secularized here for the benefit of every American. During the High Holidays, which includes the Jewish New Year, congregants recite the “Vidui” (or “Confession”), an acrostic prayer that lists all possible sins, alphabetically [more…]

May 032016
 By , May 3, 2016
Why Turning 65 Is So Great

A few reasons turning 65 is actually pretty awesome! Turning 65 is daunting – a definite tunnel at the end of the light – but the more I think about it, the more I can identify the pluses (and not just plus sizes) that accompany [more…]

Feb 262016
 By , February 26, 2016
Music I Dance To

As I get older, it’s harder to get me on the dance floor. As I get older, it’s harder and harder to get me on the dance floor (or, if I really strut my stuff, help me off it). Basically, there are only 8 songs [more…]

Oct 082015
 By , October 8, 2015
The GOP Bowl

The playoffs continue, with the GOP on Fox… “New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw his support behind GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump … [and] says he thinks his golf partner can win …” — AP 9/16/15 Kenny: Good evening. I’m Kenny Albert, here with [more…]

Jul 112015
 By , July 11, 2015
Siri Flunks Jewish

When it comes to Jewish, Siri often lets me down I generally have a love affair with Siri. She – as available on my iPhone 5 – gets me. My dictation of emails, texts and notes is almost letter perfect, far quicker and more accurate [more…]

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