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Aug 192014
 By , August 19, 2014

Afghanistan and Iraq: Why did we sacrifice so much for so little? War is Hell. Major General Harold Greene could certainly tell you all about that — but, sadly, he’s dead. On Aug. 5, General Green became the highest-ranking American soldier to die in our [more…]

Nov 052013
Food Stamps Are Affordable; Corporate Welfare Is Not

The real outrage and news coverage should be about corporate welfare, not food stamps By The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program | Op-Ed Republicans are outraged for all the wrong reasons. This past Friday, $5 billion was automatically slashed from the federal food stamps [more…]

Oct 212013
 By , October 21, 2013

Winning by losing: The Tea Party outs RINOs! Now we bore deep into the bunker that houses the triumphant Tea Party headquarters, where they are celebrating a tactical victory over the forces of complacency and complaining loudly about all the chicken-hearted Republicans In Name Only [more…]

Oct 092013
 By , October 9, 2013
GOP Unhinged by Obamacare: Laugh 'til it Hurts

Repubs determined to make country sick over Obamacare  Whacking yourself on the head with a ball-peen hammer would be stupid. But doing it again and again — that’s insane. Welcome to your U.S. House of Representatives, presently led by a pack of tea party Republicans. [more…]

Oct 012013
 By , October 1, 2013
Dr. Seuss is in the House: A Poem

Dr. Seuss is in the House The House does not like government it does not like it one thin cent not safety nets not growing debts it does not like what it begets. The House does not like Obamacare it does not like it anywhere [more…]

Dec 142012
 By , December 14, 2012

The dreaded “fiscal cliff” is more of a slim slope or bit of a ditch And now let us speak of the current lame-duck session of the 112th Congress. Daily we witness the death throes of the final assemblage of this particular group of elected [more…]

Dec 022012
 By , December 2, 2012

“So, expect showers and gale-force winds over the next couple of days and don’t forget that high-surf advisory is in effect throughout the weekend. We may even see some downed power lines and scattered looting. That’s the weather here on Capitol Hill — now let’s [more…]

Aug 282012
 By , August 28, 2012
Obama's Trillion Dollar Lies

President Barack Obama has such ill-advised contempt for the intelligence of American taxpayers that he has become an habitual liar when talking about his plans to deal with a national debt that will imminently top $16 trillion. For example, on Aug. 14, he told a [more…]

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