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Oct 232015
 By , October 23, 2015
Movie Review: "Rock the Kasbah"

“Rock the Kasbah” – a film review by Gary Chew Bill Murray is simply the best of the SNL bunch that migrated from 30 Rock to Sunset and Vine. Most often, Murray plays himself, or to say it another way, the character he crafted Saturday [more…]

Aug 192014
 By , August 19, 2014

Afghanistan and Iraq: Why did we sacrifice so much for so little? War is Hell. Major General Harold Greene could certainly tell you all about that — but, sadly, he’s dead. On Aug. 5, General Green became the highest-ranking American soldier to die in our [more…]

Mar 152012
 By , March 15, 2012

Here Are Some Really Scary Thoughts: The people running for President have no problem wasting huge sums of other people’s money and spending incredible amounts of time making themselves look good for the campaigns. What is to prevent them from doing the same when they [more…]

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