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Jan 242017
 By , January 24, 2017
Movie Review: "20th Century Women"
Movie Review: "20th Century Women"

“20th Century Women” – a film review by Gary Chew What we’ve got here in this new film by Berkeley-born Mike Miles is a 55-year-old woman confronting the cultural tsunami of the late Seventies. Fortunately, since her foibles take place in Santa Barbara by the [more…]

Oct 022015
 By , October 2, 2015
NASA: California Now Above Mars on Water Scarcity List

California drought, paired with discovery of water on Mars, forces NASA reappraisal. The day after NASA announced they had found water on Mars, the agency revised its list of places in the universe with the least amount of water. California, along with the Sahara desert [more…]

Jul 102015
 By , July 10, 2015
Ariana Grande and Donuts: A Recipe for Controversy

Police departments across America are horrified by what Ariana Grande did to donuts. They are all also trying to confiscate a copy of the video. “This is not Ms. Grande’s first licking offense, and I am afraid it won’t be her last,” Sheriff Michael Vasquez [more…]

Dec 232013
 By , December 23, 2013
Former Porn Star Dog to Write Memoirs

Peanut butter addiction and other memories by porn star dog Once the most famous porn star dog in the world, Rextion has long since retired to a gated community in Van Nuys, California where he spends his days being petted by new, loving owners … [more…]

Aug 042013
 By , August 4, 2013

California — mellow to the max, you best believe Due to recent massive chirpage from a group of wicked haters, now is the time for all good brahs and shorties to rally to the defense of California. It is so exceedingly inconceivable that everyone can’t not [more…]

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