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Oct 182016
Stephen Colbert: Trump May Be Onto Something When He Says the Vote Will Be Rigged

Trump is right: This election will be rigged! Stephen Colbert had a powerful argument on the CBS Late Show last night, showing how Donald Trump is probably right — the election will be rigged. Not only that, but millions of people are involved in the [more…]

Oct 072016
 By , October 7, 2016
The Great Debate Debacle

In the debate, Trump lost his temper defending his tremendous temperament. An estimated 84,000,000 Americans tuned into the 1st Presidential Debate at New York’s Hofstra University, but Donald Trump did not seem to be among them. Mentally he had checked out, maybe to seek admission [more…]

Sep 272016
 By , September 27, 2016
Donald at Debate

Donald at Debate – a poem The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the GOP that night. The polls were all against them, and minorities in flight. And when Christie got indicted, and Ailles was caught hands down, What once seemed just a nasty smirk became a [more…]

Mar 132016
 By , March 13, 2016
To Republicans Who Are Not Rich

To Republicans Who Are Not Rich: A Poem. Republicans in the debate presented just rancor and hate. No policy goals to take to the polls, it’s left just a menacing slate. Trump’s narcissism is no surprise, but that’s where the true danger lies. He has [more…]

Dec 142015
 By , December 14, 2015
Putin Announces Republican Presidential Bid

‘Your candidates are weak,’ says Putin as he surges in polls WASHINGTON DC — Responding to popularity among conservative pundits and on social media, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he will run for the Republican presidential nomination. “Your candidates are weak,” declared Putin, whose late arrival [more…]

Nov 042015
 By , November 4, 2015
Next Republican Debate Features Two New Surprise Entrants

Reworked format and new entrants featured at this evening’s Republican debate Dateline: N.H., Feb.8, 2016 Hello everyone and welcome to the 37th presidential Republican debate sponsored by NotchTV, your source for all things frozen. I’m your moderator Wendell Wellsted, and in just three hours. Dixville [more…]

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