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Aug 032015
 By , August 3, 2015
Keith Urban's Shocking Addiction

Famous for his go-go lifestyle, few people know that an addiction to the game “Go” nearly derailed Keith Urban’s career. In a recent rant, much to the dismay of people around the world, Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister, compared Kiwis to sperm: “Millions of [more…]

Jun 192014
 By , June 19, 2014
Movie Review: "The Rover"
Movie Review: "The Rover"

“The Rover” – a film review by Gary Chew As it begins, David Michŏd’s movie “The Rover” puts you in a state of mind like Stanley Kramer’s film of Nevil Shute’s novel “On The Beach.” Yes you’re in Australia, but not following a nuclear holocaust [more…]

Oct 012013
Berserk Alert!

Berserk Alert! Cartoon Gallery Click on any “Berserk Alert!” thumbnail to enlarge, then you may page through cartoons, or click on image to return to gallery.  

Mar 292013
 By , March 29, 2013
A Return to … Australian Animals from Hell!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the outback This is the second in a series of two wonderful articles about horrible, vicious, dangerous, hideous, disgusting Australian animals — articles that for some reason contain no mention of Rupert Murdoch. (Note [more…]

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