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Jan 182017
 By , January 18, 2017
2017 Resolutions We Should Be Making

Most resolutions are as unique as a white sweat sock in a junior high boys locker room. All right everybody; time to slap on a happy face and start thinking positively about the upcoming twelve months. And none of that, “You want positive? Okay. I’m [more…]

Dec 282016
 By , December 28, 2016
The Christmas Gifts You Didn't Get But Totally Deserved

Will Durst’s Christmas Gifts Wish List Relax. Now breathe. And repeat. The nonstop madcap insanity has finally reached its red and green holiday crescendo and its all downhill from here. Don’t know if it had anything to do with the earth-shaking, democracy-twisting events of November [more…]

Dec 202016
 By , December 20, 2016

A few choice words for all Republicans advising Democrats to “stop whining and get over it.” And now a few choice words for all Republicans advising Democrats to “stop whining about the election and get over it.” Oh, really. Get over losing a presidential election [more…]

Dec 042016
 By , December 4, 2016
Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2016

Best comedic news stories of the year unveiled! It’s the first week of December and all over the nation children dance while grandparents twitch with anticipation. Which, admittedly, isn’t that out of the ordinary. During this festive season rife with traditions, none is more hallowed [more…]

Dec 012016
 By , December 1, 2016
Presidential Apprentice

President-elect Donald Trump joins government at entry level position Two months before joining the government in an entry level position, President-elect Donald Trump has been learning the ropes and is busier than a bartender ten minutes before midnight at a Times Square Applebee’s on New [more…]

Nov 222016
 By , November 22, 2016
Tips on Avoiding Holiday Heartburn

How to skirt messy election questions at holiday dinners and preserve your sanity. And now a public service announcement for all you prodigal sons and daughters making the pilgrimage back home for the annual Turkey Day holiday reunion. Prepare for some ultra ugliness out there, [more…]

Nov 182016
 By , November 18, 2016
Top Brightsides of a Donald Trump Presidency

It wasn’t easy, but here are the top positives of having Donald Trump as president. Well. That happened. Donald Trump didn’t just perplex the pundits, pollsters and his own progeny with a stunning electoral pummeling of Hillary Clinton, he pelted them with showbiz shock and [more…]

Nov 032016
 By , November 3, 2016
The Creepy Clown Apocalypse

The eerie connection between Halloween and the election has been magnified with a worldwide epidemic of creepy clown sightings. One of the first things we discover as kids is the difference between scary and SCARY!!! Commercial frightful versus downright ghoulish. The gap between a broken-toothed [more…]