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Oct 262016
 By , October 26, 2016
Donald, Leave Comedy to the Professionals

Donald’s disastrous attempt at comedy should never be allowed again. Comedy is a delicate business and should be left to the trained professionals. So the next time Donald Trump announces his intention to be purposefully amusing in a public setting, we need to respond properly, [more…]

Oct 192016
 By , October 19, 2016
The Gropage Report: Locker Room Talk

For Donald Trump, the world is a locker room If experts are correct in saying that Donald Trump needs women voters to win the presidency, the last two weeks have been the worst for any political candidate since the summer of 1984 when Michael Dukakis [more…]

Oct 072016
 By , October 7, 2016
The Great Debate Debacle

In the debate, Trump lost his temper defending his tremendous temperament. An estimated 84,000,000 Americans tuned into the 1st Presidential Debate at New York’s Hofstra University, but Donald Trump did not seem to be among them. Mentally he had checked out, maybe to seek admission [more…]

Sep 232016
 By , September 23, 2016
The October Surprise(s)

The late hour slandering of an opponent has come to be called the “October Surprise,” and this year we should be prepared for copious disclosures of gargantuan proportions. Something craven infects political candidates as the days dwindle down to a precious few, especially when prospects [more…]

Sep 222016
 By , September 22, 2016
Presidential Health Wars

To herald his health, the New York developer handed the press a single paragraph from his gastroenterologist that read like a six-year-old forging a note signed by “my parents.” We, the American People, should pat ourselves on the back for having survived a multitude of [more…]

Sep 142016
 By , September 14, 2016
Crash & Burn & Repeat: The Presidential Race

You’ve heard the term “accident waiting to happen?” This presidential race is one long “accident waiting for a break in the action.” We might as well be watching a 30-car pile-up the way Americans are holding hands over their eyes trying to avoid the grisly [more…]

Sep 052016
 By , September 5, 2016
The Laborest of Days

Labor Day bookends with Memorial Day as reversed signposts of summer; one says hello, the other waves bye-bye. Poor Labor Day — the most underrated and unheralded of American holidays. It slides by almost as an afterthought in a distracted mix of resignation and dread, [more…]

Aug 312016
 By , August 31, 2016
Assembling Trump's Dream Team

Donald Trump is no ordinary candidate, and he richly deserves this extraordinary Dream Team. Any politician angling to be president has to appear believable while wearing many hats. The electorate needs to imagine him/her in a pith helmet to lead us through the jungle. A [more…]

Aug 152016
 By , August 15, 2016
Bizarre Similarities Between Trump and Clinton

Trump and Clinton do have differences: One is a woman who has big hands, and the other isn’t and doesn’t.  Our quadrennial presidential sweepstakes regularly provides textbook studies in contrast. And 2016 raises the bar in disparity. Red and blue. Left and right. Hot and [more…]

Aug 092016
 By , August 9, 2016
What the American People Want

Which is scarier: That Trump or Clinton will be the next president, or that the American people get to decide? So the conventions are over and we’ve entered the penultimate stage of this presidential demolition derby. Your muted murmurs of “yippee” and “hooray” have been [more…]