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Dec 292016
 By , December 29, 2016
Best Ten New Movies I Saw In 2016

Here are the best ten new movies I saw in 2016 I wrote 36 reviews of new films in this bizarre year of 2016.  I can’t see all the new movies, nor do I want to. Then there are those that I’m not privy to [more…]

Jul 152016
 By , July 15, 2016
Roll of Duct Tape Named Trump's New Communications Director

An ongoing effort to professionalize the unconventional Trump campaign has resorted to some rather unconventional strategies. In a further effort to professionalize their unconventional campaign, the Trump team today named a utility grade roll of silver Duct Tape as their new director of communications. Campaign [more…]

Jun 062016
 By , June 6, 2016

Right now, an 18-foot alligator with irritable bowel syndrome would be less polarizing than the Donald or the Hillary. Every four years our nation’s electoral eccentricities escalate exponentially and people throw up their hands and shout, “you know, every election cycle is wacky, but especially [more…]

Mar 152016
 By , March 15, 2016
Nostradamus on 'Dystopia Trump': Bleak Future Predicted

New screed by Nostradamus discovered: warns of a dystopia governed by “The Orange One.” Nostradamus, the French apothecary, break-dancer and unicyclist, published erotic novels and collections of prophecies that are known around the world. Multi-talented, not only was Nostradamus a diviner, he was a ventriloquist and [more…]

Mar 082016
How Donald Trump, Short-Fingered Vulgarian and Statesman, Spends His Sundays

In an exclusive interview with the Humor Times, Trump divulged his regular Sunday routine. For your edification, we list it here. By Richard Klin I’M A LUMBERJACK First thing off when I wake up is to check the morning-wood situation. Tremendous — I can assure [more…]

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