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Jan 162014
 By , January 16, 2014
Gary Chew Ruminates the 2014 Oscar Nominations

2014 Oscar Nominations Three of the Best Picture Oscar nominations are good: Best of that three is “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” The other two in my movie notebook are “Nebraska” and “12 Years A Slave.” “12 Years A Slave” should win it. It’s importance to American [more…]

Apr 172013
 By , April 17, 2013
The Three Stooges Got Eye-Poked by the Oscars

Best Actor nomination should have gone to Curly in “The Three Stooges” It was an incredibly audacious act of snobbery that the truly classic Three Stooges movie got totally panned for any Oscar whatsoever at the most recent Academy Awards Ceremony. To begin with, the [more…]

Feb 282013
 By , February 28, 2013
Top Oscar Moments of 2013

We’ll have to wait until next year for more dreamy Oscar magic. Until then… Well, the Oscars have come and gone and left us all waiting breathlessly (with questions) until next year.  Questions like: Who is going to fall?  Who is going to kiss?  Who [more…]

Feb 262013
 By , February 26, 2013
Oscars Take Final Bow: Academy Retires

Upside: No more risk of Oscars hosts causing world to cringe Last night, in a stunning move, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences retired. There will be no more Oscars awarded for the foreseeable future. Citing irreconcilable differences, the academy, comprised of 6000 [more…]

Feb 022013
 By , February 2, 2013
Will Durst's 2013 Political Animal Awards

Warning: It’s awards season. But I’m here to help. Hey! You! Yes, you. Sorry. Just trying to get your attention to impart an important warning here. For the next couple weeks, it’s imperative all you good folks out there stay alert and keep your wits [more…]

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