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May 272013
 By , May 27, 2013
Taliban Version of the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments, Taliban style It is not well known that the Islamic religion also uses the Bible as a prophetic religious work. That means that they believe in the Ten Commandments as received by Moses from Jehovah. Unfortunately, as can be expected, the Taliban [more…]

Feb 222013
 By , February 22, 2013
New Evidence Suggests the Garden of Eden is in Boca Raton

Scientists do about face on Garden of Eden Revolutionary developments in science happen infrequently. Copernicus upended Ptolemy’s earth-centric model of the universe. Newton formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation. Einstein recalibrated Newtonian physics with his general theory of relativity. Yet none of these [more…]

May 152012
 By , May 15, 2012
The End of the World is Coming -- Again!

If not the May 20 solar eclipse, then surely the end of the world will come by the Mayan’s 12/21/12 DEADline! Right?? Are all your affairs in order? You may not have much time. Haven’t you heard? It’s the end of the world. And not [more…]

Apr 182012
 By , April 18, 2012
Allah, God and Jehovah Were Strolling...

Allah, God and Jehovah were walking along a heavenly path, arguing as usual. “Your people are causing trouble again and again and again!” God scolded Allah. “Well, if Mr. Jehovah didn’t insist on having the Jewish paradise in the middle of our land then things [more…]

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