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Sep 032014
 By , September 3, 2014

Nick Hanauer speaks the truth to power, even though he’s a card-carrying member of the Billionaire’s Club. I’ve noticed several CEO’s, political pundits and so-called economic experts saying they’re confused as to why Americans are so down. Consumers should be out buying stuff, they say, [more…]

Feb 022014
 By , February 2, 2014
Guillotine Time for the Rich?

Sympathy for poor rich folks F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote that the rich are different from us. To which Hemingway indirectly snorted, “Yes, they have more money.” And now seems like a good time to offer up a few words of sympathy for the rich. [more…]

Aug 272013
 By , August 27, 2013

Walmart’s CFO is puzzled by reluctance of customers to spend on discretionary items Having been raised in a small-business family and now running my own small outfit, I always find it heartwarming to see hardworking, enterprising folks get ahead. So I was really touched when [more…]

Aug 112013
 By , August 11, 2013
Real Reason Über Rich are Hoarding the World’s Wealth

The ultimate insurance policy for the über rich Turn on any news channel these days, especially the liberal, left-leaning ones, and you will see a panel of analysts trying to figure out what is behind the enormous shift in wealth towards the über rich over the [more…]

Mar 202012
 By , March 20, 2012
Sympathy Cards for Billionaires
Sympathy Cards for Billionaires

Everyone feels sorry for the 99 percent, but what about the poor billionaires? By Janet Golden and Roz Warren The lavish lifestyles of our nation’s beleaguered billionaires have been rocked by recent financial events: Why a few have even been reduced to mere millionaires! Show [more…]

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