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Aug 022014
 By , August 2, 2014
Suing the President: Pandora's Box of Worms

Nobody can call them a Do-Nothing Congress anymore: they’re suing the president. In a move less surprising than hot dogs at a ballgame, the House of Representatives voted to give Speaker John Boehner the authority to start the process of suing the President of the United [more…]

Jul 312014
 By , July 31, 2014
John Boehner to Sue Every Living American

House Majority Leader John Boehner says Americans have been freeloading, and it’s time to pay up. The House voted Wednesday to authorize John Boehner to sue President Obama on a complaint that he had overstepped his legal authority. However, Boehner also vowed to sue every [more…]

Jul 292014
 By , July 29, 2014
Do-Nothing Congress Takes a Vacation

Zen-like nothingness is tiring to maintain for the “Do-Nothing Congress” Gosh, has it already been three weeks since Congress took a vacation? Those poor stiffs must be pooped from trying to catch up on all the heavy lifting that piled up while they were away [more…]