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Jan 312017
 By , January 31, 2017
'O'Reilly Factor' Directly Impacting Trump Policy

Bill O’Reilly discovers Trump is watching his show and tweeting, making him more influential than ever! In a tweet on January 24th, President Trump threatened to send in the Feds “if Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going on…” (“Carnage” would now appear to be [more…]

Oct 182016
Stephen Colbert: Trump May Be Onto Something When He Says the Vote Will Be Rigged

Trump is right: This election will be rigged! Stephen Colbert had a powerful argument on the CBS Late Show last night, showing how Donald Trump is probably right — the election will be rigged. Not only that, but millions of people are involved in the [more…]

Apr 212016
 By , April 21, 2016
Panama Papers Reveal Scandalous Hypocrisy

Nefarious political critters are scrambling, backed into a corner by the “Panama Papers” It’s always educational to observe the behavior of wildlife in their natural habitat. For example, we learn that there’s nothing more vicious than a wild animal that’s cornered. I would add that [more…]

Dec 182014
 By , December 18, 2014
My Predictions for Season Four of Sherlock

Hamish Holmes, Mycroft Goes Fishing and The Sign of Three Moriarties: My Predictions for Season Four of “Sherlock.” The BBC’s “Sherlock” is among the most popular shows on TV, and there has been much speculation among die-hard fans like myself about what the upcoming fourth [more…]