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May 252017
 By , May 25, 2017
Exclusive: Trump Avoids Blessings During Vatican Visit

Trump demanded unusual security while at the Vatican to avoid contact with holy water and crucifixes. In an ironic twist, it appears Donald Trump, the champion of the Christian Right, was visibly more uncomfortable during the Vatican visit than in Muslim or Jewish environments. Before [more…]

Jul 062015
 By , July 6, 2015
Karl Rove to GOP: Fight Gay Marriage Like We Fought Abortion

“Regulate gay marriage out of existence, chip by chip, until in practice nothing’s left but the closet.” – Karl Rove WASHINGTON, DC – GOP political strategist and former Bush’s Brain, Karl Rove, said yesterday that calls to destroy the Supreme Court legislatively or financially over [more…]

Jan 242015
 By , January 24, 2015
New Bill Before Congress Would Outlaw Coitus Interruptis

‘Coitus interruptis is just another sleazy way to avoid pregnancy!’ says Congressman. A new Republican bill before Congress criminalizes coitus interruptis — the act of male withdrawal during heterosexual intercourse seconds before orgasm so as to avoid pregnancy. “If we’re going to make abortion and [more…]

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