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Nov 112016
 By , November 11, 2016

2016 Election: Has our country gone completely nuts? No. There’s some good news. Buckle-up friends, it’s going to be a hairy ride. Start with Day One for President Trump (gotta get used to saying that). He will need to be up-and-at-’em no later than 12:01 [more…]

Oct 192016
Free Comic Book: 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy'

Greg Palast is now offering the movie companion comic book, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” free. Greg Palast, investigative reporter, has a new movie out, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (see movie showing info below), and has just made the companion comic book [more…]

Oct 102016
 By , October 10, 2016
Election Editorial: Leaky Boat

Plug the leak and get us to shore before we all sink! An election editorial. In my humble opinion, people who say they’re not voting for anyone for president, or will only vote for a third party candidate, are like people aboard a leaky ship [more…]

Sep 232016
 By , September 23, 2016
The October Surprise(s)

The late hour slandering of an opponent has come to be called the “October Surprise,” and this year we should be prepared for copious disclosures of gargantuan proportions. Something craven infects political candidates as the days dwindle down to a precious few, especially when prospects [more…]

Jun 302015
 By , June 30, 2015

Evidence suggests who we vote for isn’t always who we should Each election cycle we are beaten over the head with the agenda that candidates feel are important to our lives. Many times there is a large overlap of promises, especially during party primaries. Once [more…]

Jun 102015
 By , June 10, 2015
Senator Graham Drops Balls for Women's Vote

Seeking to attract a mostly-overlooked constituency by the GOP, women, Sen. Graham goes for the gold. South Carolina senator, Republican presidential hopeful and future gay rights activist Lindsey Graham broke from his conservative party today with the unusual move of replacing the “truck balls” on [more…]

Nov 122012
 By , November 12, 2012

Holey moley catfish. Well, thank god that’s finally over. Further thanks that the climax was quick and clean. Almost surgical. Not as long a night as many first thought it might be. Except for Karl Rove, that is, who for all we know is still [more…]

Nov 062012
 By , November 6, 2012
My God No! It Can't Be True! Stop the Election!

Warning: If the election goes as planned, something terrible may happen Oh my God!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!!! Stop the presses! This is too big … Somehow, some way, we’ve got to stop the election. I’ve just discovered something … something terrible! Something you won’t believe. [more…]

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